Hey there, I'm Matt.

This is the page on the Internet where I tell you about myself. If you aren't even slightly interested in me, this will be a dull (though quick) read.

First things first. I've lived in Minnesota most of my life, but I spent an awesome 5 years in California where it is always sunny and expensive. I write code for a living — mostly the bits you see and click and touch. I enjoy most things digital, and some things analog.

Professional exploits

My professional life is not difficult to summarize. I cut my code teeth as webmaster of Eagle Brook Church from 2003–2006, doing all things web-related. There was much PHP that I would no doubt be ashamed of today.

Then, from 2006–2008, I worked at a place called space150. I wrote a lot of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ActionScript.

Next, I called Apple and California my home from 2008–2013. I spent a couple of years on the Apple Online Store before moving to iTunes to work on the App Store and iTunes Store. More JavaScript than you can shake a stick at. Oh btw, if you're on a Mac, Open  -> Software Update…. I did that.

Most recently, I returned to my old haunt at space150 and stayed there from 2013–2014. I took responsibility for almost all of the iOS projects that passed through the agency.

Elsewhere on the Internet

I've got accounts all over the place. I'm most active on Twitter, although I also do the GitHub, Facebook, and LinkedIn thing. Check 'em out! They are far more interesting than this little ol' thing. If you want to get in touch with me over email, my name is Matt, and this is pennig.name. I trust you'll figure it out. 😉